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I am a creative packaging designer, who can bring a brand to the next level. By working closely with manufacturing, fillers and marketers all requirements are aligned resulting in a well designed pack that flows from the drawing table to the shelves.

To me, the 'best solution' is about compromise when necessary and courage when required, ensuring packaging design that complements the brand, flow through production, behaves well during transport and give customers the ultimate packaging experience.

I have 18 years of packaging design experience in the following manufacturing processes: extrusion blow moulding, blow moulding, injection moulding, and vacuum forming. I design packaging that adheres to the unique manufacturing requirements of each process.

Generating a series of packaging concepts is all about choice. I also create accurate 3D models for photorealistic renderings and toolmaking.

If you need concepts for new packaging, want to add a new size to the range or have a design that needs redesign or visualization, I love to hear from you.

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Creative concept development
Design engineering
3D Modeling (Solidworks)
  3D photorealistic renderings
Current product analysis
  Technical drawings
Prototyping and Mock-ups
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